Mitteilungen des Österreichischen Staatsarchivs

The journal "Mitteilungen des Österreichischen Staatsarchivs" (MÖStA) is the most important publication medium. The journal is published by the General directorate of the Austrian State Archives and has appeared in annual volumes since 1948.

Monographs, archive inventories, contributions to conferences etc. are published irregularly in the series "Special Volumes" (Sonderbände), "Supplements" (Ergänzungsbände) and "Inventories" (Inventare).

The "Mitteilungen des Österreichischen Staatsarchivs" are primarily intended for the publication of results from research which is based on sources kept by the Austrian State Archives (preferred areas are Austrian medieval and modern history, Austrian contemporary history, archival science, source studies, historical auxiliary sciences).

Please send specimen copies of manuscripts to the General Directorate of the Austrian State Archives (A-1030 Vienna, Nottendorfer Gasse 2), which will decide on publication.

For further questions in this respect please contact Ms. Michaela Follner.
Phone: +43 1 795 40-116

"Mitteilungen des Österreichischen Staatsarchivs" are available from:

Vol. 1 to 47:

Ferdinand Berger & Söhne Ges.m.b.H.
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Vol. 48 to...:

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