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Library – Information in brief

With stocks of about 800 000 volumes, the library of the Austrian State Archives is one of Austria's major libraries. It is an indispensable instrument for work with and on the archival records. In its present shape, the library of the Austrian State Archives came into being by gradual additions of various independent library bodies with catalogues of their own.

Literature research thus often requires users to refer to several catalogues. For further information in this regards, please consult How to use the library. New acquisitions dating from 1995 onwards have been listed in a common Online catalogue.

For searches in the stocks of the Administrative Library (Administrative Bibliothek) up to the year 1945 and of the Kriegsarchiv up to 1923 so-called Kat-Zoom online catalogues have been available since April 2007:

In terms of themes and subjects, the stocks focus on the following:

  • Austrian history (especially the history of the Habsburg family and Austrian foreign policy)
  • The history of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation
  • War and military history
  • Military technology
  • The history of political parties, law, administration and transport
  • Archival studies
  • Heraldry and genealogy
  • Geography

An open access library in the catalogue room ensures fast access to the most important lexica, reference books and manuals.