How do I order archive material during a personal visit to the archive?

Below you find the steps you need to take to order archive material when visiting the archive personally:

  1. Please plan you visit according to the opening hours of the  Austrian State Archives. At this stage, you do not need to reserve a place in the research area/reading room. During your first visit, you can check with the research assistant on duty whether the Austrian State Archives hold material on your topic. If yes, the staff will help you to get familiar with “Findbücher“ in order to shape your search and place an order. Please note that only three boxes or ten individual files can be provided per order.
  2. Fill in the research form („Benützerbogen“) available at the advisory desk.
  3. Fill in an order form. This form is available in the reading room and must be put in the boxes provided by the respective departments. The requested material will be available in the reading room 48 hours after your order and will be ready for 7 days. In special cases, the processing of a complex request may take up to 72 hours.
  4. Now you may  book your working space in the reading room on the website of the Austrian State Archives. If you have any questions about online reservations, please contact us at
  5. You have now reserved one or more time slots in the reading room and you are ready to start: On your next visit to the Archives,  purchase the appropriate user card and then you will receive the documents you have ordered at the desk Issues/Returns. If you want to continue reading these documents for more than one day, please keep the staff at the desk Issues/Returns informed so the collegues can put it on hold for you, or otherwise let them know if you will return your order.
  6. General information: Please register at the porter-desk and note that bags and outdoorclothing (jackets, coats etc.) must be stored in the lockers in the wardrobe.